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Dyna-Fog Africa has been the leading experts of fogging and misting equipment in the African market for more than 10 years.
We are the distributors of Curtis Dyna-Fog® ULV Misting and Thermal Fogging machines for the Southern African region.
From a small handheld ULV mister (Cold Fog) or Thermal Fogger (Hot Fog) to the larger truck mounted fog unit, our extensive product line addresses the requirement of users for mosquito control, vector control, pest control, dust control, and humidity control and sanitation, as well as in the application of insecticides, fungicides and germicides in diverse crops.

Our chemical products are specifically formulated for the use with our machines to address problems for several industries: Sanitation and Pest Control in Chicken Houses, Broilers, Food Plants, Cheese Factories, Mine Sites, and others. We also specialize in customized technological solutions of chemicals and machineries, according to the costumer's needs.

Dyna-Fog Africa Services
Dyna Fog Africa specializes in the POULTRY industry. We have a unique range of chemicals for use in hatcheries for the control of Aspergillus, and for control of litter beetle and final sanitization in broiler houses, production, abattoirs, and laying facilities.
Dyna Fog Africa is also a source for mosquito insecticides and fogging carrier oils, as well as flushing solution and fuel stabilizer used to maintain your equipment.
Dyna Fog Africa’s service department and staff are committed to assisting our customers in maximizing the longevity of our highly durable products, with parts, accessories and full technical assistance.

Our machines are vastly used in vector (mosquito) control, insect control, dust control, humidity control and sanitation of environment, by the poultry industry, mines, governmental organizations, hospitals, clinics and other private sectors.
In agriculture Dyna-Fog machines are effectively used in crops for applications of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides by tunnel growers and general crop.
Our machines are also used on farms within Animal Buildings for the control of flying and crawling insects, for applying disinfectants and sterilizers before introducing a new flock of poultry or young animals and in application of vaccines and antibiotics to various types of birds in Broilers and Breeders.
Our machines also offer the best option for pest control in Storage Rooms and Silos. It is used for humidity control, temperature control, reduction of harmful dust, bird control, odour control, and other uses.
The Entertainment Industry uses Dyna-Fog machines to produce smoke and mist for special effects.
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To be the reference in fog and misting equipments as well
as specialized chemicals thus continually introducing new technology of products.
To promote progress trough fog technology.
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