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Fogging Applications - in Agriculture

Fogging Machine in Agriculture  
Dyna-Fog machines introduce the advantages of small droplet technology to the farmer, helping the achievement of optimum results in several situations from a number of formulations. Some applications include: Potato crops, Tomato crops, Citrus crops, Grain stores, and Tropical crops among others.
The application of insecticide, fungicide and disinfectants with Dyna-Fog ULV and fogging equipments results in the chemical being dispersed quickly and thoroughly to give a high standard of control.
Some of the advantages are:
Fog particles will penetrate dense foliage and all areas of the animal houses.
The low volume of water used will not raise the humidity or leave the foliage wet to promote the growth of diseases.
Evenness' application ensures no visible deposits on fruits, flowers or leaves.
The speed of the application gives great saving in time and permits the treatment to take place when convenient.
Grain stores
Tornado Machine in Agriculture  
To disinfect empty grain stores and silos prior to storing newly harvested grain, it is essential to thoroughly clean all surfaces prior to treatment to ensure that insects are not protected from the spray by layers of dust.
A thermal fog will thoroughly penetrate all parts of the structure, but where there are relatively deep crevices (in brick or wood) the use of a formulation which also has a residual effect should be applied with a ULV machine such as the Dyna-FogŪ HURRICANE™, Dyna-FogŪ TORNADO™, Dyna-FogŪ TWISTER XL™, or Dyna-FogŪ MISTER III™ to give a higher level of control.
Hurricane's technical specification

Hurricane™ - Technical Specification

Tornado's technical specification

Tornado™ - Technical Specification

Twister XL's technical specification

Twister XL™ - Technical Specification

Mister III's technical specification

Mister III™ - Technical Specification

Hurricane - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
Tornado - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
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Twister XL - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
Mister III - Thermal Fog Equipment
Tropical crops
Fogging Applications in Agriculture  
Dyna-FogŪ thermal foggers can be successfully used in a number of tree crops where the leaves form a "closed" canopy and the advantage of a thermal fog in that it will carry the chemical up to this canopy, which is often at a considerable height and dense foliage. The canopy will then retain the fog until it has settled onto the leaf. Two crops commonly treated are rubber and oil palm, but cocoa, coconuts and others, can also be suitable crops for such treatment. Thermal fogging is used for applying insecticides, but more commonly for applying fungicides. In rubber crop the two principal diseases are odium and phytophasu. Any chemical can be applied in this manner, but to ensure that the chemical is carried up to the canopy it must be formulated in suitable oil. The treatment is also best carried out early in the morning when the thermal up-currents are at their strongest and the prevailing winds are at their weakest.
Hand held models such as the Dyna-FogŪ GOLDEN EAGLE™ and SUPERHAWK™ can be used when the terrain is unsuitable for vehicular travel, but when the terrain permits the Dyna-FogŪ 1200™ is the model of choice.
Golden Eagle's technical specification

Golden Eagle™ - Technical Specification

Superhawk's technical specification

Superhawk™ - Technical Specification

Model 1200's technical specification

Model 1200™ - Technical Specification

Golden Eagle - Thermal Fog Equipment
SuperHawk - Thermal Fog Equipment
Model 1200 - Thermal Fog Equipment
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