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Thermal Fog Equipment

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Golden Eagle - Thermal Fog Equipment

Golden Eagle™

Golden Eagle™, the portable powerhouse that excels on application problems where other machines fail.

See its technical specification

SuperHawk - Thermal Fog Equipment


The machine of choice by Health Ministry Professionals, Mosquito Control Departments and Disease Control programs.

See its technical specification

Falcon - Thermal Fog Equipment


With heavy duty plastic tanks and an ergonomic style, the Falcon™ delivers the highest performance to weight ratio of any comparable thermal fogger on the planet.

See its technical specification

Silver Cloud - Thermal Fog Equipment

Silver Cloud™

The "Silver Cloud"™ employs twin resonant Pulse-Jet engines to give greater output of chemical, for its weight, than other types of chemical dispensing machines.

See its technical specification

BlackHawk Pro - Thermal Fog Equipment

BlackHawk Pro™

Designed for Professional Applicators who require more than portability.

See its technical specification

BlackHawk - Thermal Fog Equipment


The Blackhawk™ was designed for a wide range of jobs with maximum efficiency for handling petroleum-based products.

See its technical specification

Trailblazer - Thermal Fog Equipment


Engineered with the user in mind, the Dyna-Fog Trailblazer™ is designed to dispense both petroleum and water-based products easier and more efficiently than other applicators.

See its technical specification

The Patriot - Thermal Fog Equipment

The Patriot™

The PATRIOT™ was developed to give reliable performance for Mosquito Control Professionals and others.

See its technical specification

Model 1200 - Thermal Fog Equipment

Model 1200™

The 1200™ runs quieter than a typical ULV aerosol generator The Dyna-Fog 1200™.

See its technical specification

Mister III - Thermal Fog Equipment

Mister III™

Mister III™ has the versatility to dispense fungicides, insecticides, germicides and disinfectants as wettable powders...

See its technical specification

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