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Fogging Applications - in Livestock

Fogging Applications - stock farms in livestock  
Dyna-Fog machines are vastly used in the control of insects, disinfection of animal buildings, aspergillus control in hatcheries, odour control and temperature control in life stock farms. Our machines are also used to apply many antibiotics and vaccines to various types of birds. It is used also for bird control in crops and city environment. Some applications include: Chicken houses, Tomato crops, Citrus crops, Grain stores, and Tropical crops among others.
Most biologically active chemicals (insecticides, fungicides, disinfectants and deodorizers), will give their best results if applied in small droplets between 10 and 100 microns in size, depending on the chemical type. Where wind drift is advantageous or in a closed building, smaller droplets can be utilized to maximize the efficacy of the chemical and reduce application costs.
Dyna-Fog machines bring the advantages of small droplet technology enabling optimum results to be achieved from a number of formulations.
We are specialists in the insect control, sanitization and aspergillus control for the chicken industry. Our machines are used in the chicken houses to assist in the management of infection, insects, mould, fungi, temperature, and moisture levels. By creating the right environment for your breeding program your livestock can develop at the optimum growth rate. A stress free atmosphere will significantly reduce mortality rates as well as improving the quality of your stock.
Dyna fog machines can be used in pig farming, chicken breeding sheds, turkey breading, hatcheries, milking sheds, stables, shearing sheds, kennels and many other applications.
Animals buildings
Fogging Applications - pig farming  
Control of flying insects around farms within animal buildings can be achieved with dense cloud of small droplets from the Super Hawk to the Dyna-FogŪ GOLDEN EAGLE™.

The control of insects, odour control, humidification and cooling, necessary for piggeries, poultry houses and general farming activities can be efficiently and economically achieved, by using Dyna-Fog fogging technology.

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Golden Eagle's technical specification

Golden Eagle™ - Technical Specification

Golden Eagle - Thermal Fog Equipment
Where a residual deposit as well as immediate control is also required, the Dyna-FogŪ HURRICANE™, Dyna-FogŪ MISTER III™, Mini-Pro™ 8HP or Dyna-FogŪ TYPHOON I™, will give slightly larger droplets that will not only give a thorough kill of flying insects, but will also be produced in sufficient numbers to leave a residual deposit on walls and other surfaces.
Hurricane's technical specification

Hurricane™ - Technical Specification

Mister III's technical specification

Mister III™ - Technical Specification

Mini-Pro 8HP's technical specification

Mini Pro™8HP - Technical Specification

Typhoon I's technical specification

Typhoon I™ - Technical Specification

Hurricane - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
Mister III - Thermal Fog Equipment
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Mini-Pro 8HP - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
Typhoon I - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
The quiet Dyna-FogŪ NEUTRALIZER™ can be used with inert special effects fluid to test airflows in closed animal confinements.
Disinfecting poultry and animal houses
Most disinfectants are effective when applied with droplets of 50-80 microns in size so that they not only leave a residual deposit, but also to ensure that there is some moisture present long enough to ensure activity against the bacteria. Thermal ULV machines are ideally suited for this use.
Dyna-FogŪ MISTER III™ or Dyna-FogŪ MISTER MAX™ can be used from the doorway of the building. Dyna-FogŪ TYPHOON I™, Dyna-FogŪ SILVER CLOUD™ and Dyna-FogŪ 1200™ or Dyna-JetŪ L30™ can be driven through the house on a cart, quad bike or LDV.
Silver Cloud's technical specification

Silver Cloud™ - Technical Specification

Dyna-Jet L30's technical specification

Dyna-JetŪ L30™ - Technical Specification

Silver Cloud - Thermal Fog Equipment
Dyna-Jet L30 - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
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Tornado's technical specification

Tornado™ - Technical Specification

Tornado - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
  Dyna-FogŪ TORNADO™ is an ideal size machine for small buildings such as hatcheries.

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Nightstar's technical specification

Dyna-FogŪ NightStar™ - Technical Specification

Nightstar - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
  The Dyna-FogŪ NIGHTSTAR™ is a novel concept in application in that the machine can treat an entire house from one position without an operator being present. A choice of droplet sizes for particular applications can be made and houses up to 6000 mē may be treated. Where regular treatments are made a Dyna-FogŪ NIGHTSTAR™ S can be permanently installed from a ceiling.

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