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Fogging Applications - in Urban and Industrial Environments
Fogging Machine in Urban and Industrial Environments  
There are a number of specialized situations where small droplet technology brings many advantages.

This enables optimum results to be achieved in areas often regarded as difficult to treat and also offers the opportunities for some innovative applications.
In enclosed spaces as found in homes, offices, and public places, flying insects can be controlled with a Thermal Fog or ULV (Cold Fog). While the treatment must be carried out with the building closed to public access, this is an economical alternative to ready to use aerosols.

ULV machines are ideal for spraying natural pyrethrum when they are being used as a flushing agent for insects such as cockroaches. Not only does it make the treatment more economical than ready to use aerosols, but the flex hose can be used to treat areas inaccessible by conventional means.
Dust Control
Dyna-Fog machines are used in the difficult and costly task of controlling dust at manufacturing, industrial and agricultural sites. The small droplet technology of Dyna-Fog machines effectively attracts and holds dust particles so that they can be more readily removed from the environment, without wetting area.

The emission of dust from dry surfaces can be minimized by keeping the surface damp. ULV machines with a float tank can conveniently achieve this with minimum disruption in working areas to help protect from harmful dust.

Typical Applications for Dust Suppression with Fogging machines includes asbestos abatement, coal dust, conveyor drop points, mining, earthwork, quarries, foundry dust, grain silos, cement plants, bulk powder, and dust generating equipment, among others.
Odour Control
Dyna-Fog machines are ideal for helping in the elimination of odours associated with solid waste treatment facilities, microbial decomposition of animal waste, and noxious volatile compounds.

The use of Dyna-Fog machines, allow for a maximum efficient and economical delivery for all odour removal chemicals.

Dyna-Fog machines can be used for the odour control in animal shelters, chemical manufacturing, industrial exhaust, solid waste and waste transfer stations, liquid waste wells, wet ponds, meat packers, rendering plants, oil sludge cleanup, construction sites and equipment, landfills and garbage dumps, industrial odours, aeration ponds, composting facilities, poultry and livestock facilities, food processing plants, refineries, and paper mills, waste transfer stations, waste water treatment.
Humidity Control
Humidity control is rapidly gaining importance in many industries. The stability of the moisture content in the environment can provide a significant positive impact on the productivity and financial performance of a business such as nurseries, wineries, printing/paper/packaging manufacturers, furniture and wood working plants.
Wine industry throughout the world suffers large losses in barrel rooms due to low humidity. Wines in barrel rooms can lose up to 15% volume through the barrel over a two-year period due to fluctuations in humidity levels. Oak barrels in use or in store suffer from the swings in humidity and can be damaged even before use.

The use of Dyna-Fog machines can increase the relative humidity can dramatically reduce the evaporation of wine through the oak barrels. Our machines can be positioned in strategic places to give an equal distribution of the humidity. The small droplet technology does not wet floors or barrels when in operation and does not affect the stored wine.
The treatment of ducts in buildings can be effectively achieved using ULV machines fitted with a flex hose like that found on the Twister™ XL and Cyclone™ Ultra-Flex models.

These machines can efficiently apply duct sealants, smoke deodorizers and pyrethrum insecticides.
Garbage Landfill
Control of flies, gnats and other flying insects can be achieved in garbage landfill sites. Normal practice would be to cover the garbage at the end of each day, but it is not always productive to cover the face of the tipping area, and this fresh, exposed garbage should be fogged using the prevailing air currents to carry the fog across the garbage. A deodorizing formulation can also be successfully applied in this way.
Sewage systems
Inert thermal fogs can be used to fill sewage systems with a suitable fog not only to test new systems but also to check existing systems where foul water sewage is required to be kept separate from rainwater run-off. In a correctly installed system the fog will not enter the premises because of the water traps at the sinks, faucets, etc., but unauthorized connections will be easily detected.

ULV and Thermal Fog applications can be applied to sewers where it is desired to control disease vectoring insects such as cockroaches using a suitable insecticide like natural pyrethrum.
Bird Control
ULV and thermal fog can be used for applying bird repellents into trees and around airports, landfills and in buildings.
Special Effects
Thermal fog is used for creating special effects in the entertainment and other industries. A special effects fluid is available for use in the machines and is available in 3 grades light, normal, and heavy is particularly recommended for use in the training of fire-fighters.
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