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Applications of insecticides, fungicides and disinfectants with Dyna-FogŪ ULV or fogging equipment results in the chemical being dispersed quickly and thoroughly to give a high standard of control. It is being increasingly utilized in the control of the most diverse kinds of plagues and in the most diverse types of crops in Greenhouses.
To promote faster growth, increase yields, improve quality and reduce diseases, it is vital to control all environmental factors that can affect your crop.
Some of the advantages of the use of ULV or Fogging equipment are:
With Dyna-FogŪ ULV equipment, the user can select a number of different droplet sizes, enabling the choice of the optimum droplet size for each type of chemical, to obtain a higher standard of control.
Fog particles will penetrate dense foliage.
The low volume of water used will not raise the humidity when not required, or leave the foliage wet to promote the growth of diseases.
Evenness of application ensures there are no visible deposits on fruit, flowers or leaves.
The speed of the application gives great savings in time and permits the treatment to be made when convenient.
All the required types of formulations can be applied.
Our machines are an effective tool to control the humidity and temperature in the greenhouse environment.

Typically all growers have a problem with low humidity and high temperatures. Dyna-fog machines combat these problems by producing mist comprised of droplets of varying micron size for the application, that quickly evaporate into the air to cool and humidify without wetting. Dyna-Fog machines can also provide uniform cooling and humidification in all types of naturally ventilated greenhouses.

Many of the fixed line misting equipment are affected by the outside temperature or the sun, sometimes heating the water in the line causing a mist heat rather than cooling the air. With Dyna-Fog machines this problem does not occur.

Tests prove that Dyna-Fog Equipment can effectively increase production and quality for greenhouse growers.
A range of machines is offered by Dyna-fog Africa to suit individual needs for all greenhouse or tunnel sizes:
Thermal foggers
The Dyna-FogŪ TRAILBLAZER™ and PATRIOT™ are suitable for areas up to 4000mē and will "throw" up to 25m.
The Dyna-FogŪ BLACKHAWK™ is for a larger area with a "throw" of 60m in Quonsets (single spans, walk-in tunnels). This "throw" is a little less in gutter connected (multi-span) houses.
Trailblazer's technical specification

Trailblazer™ - Technical Specification

The Patriot's technical specification

The Patriot™ - Technical Specification

BlackHawk's technical specification

BlackHawk™ - Technical Specification

Trailblazer - Thermal Fog Equipment
The Patriot - Thermal Fog Equipment
BlackHawk - Thermal Fog Equipment
Click the image to see the technical specification.
The Dyna-FogŪ TORNADO™ has a "throw" of 20m, while the Dyna-FogŪ MISTER III™ has a "throw" of 40m or slightly less in gutter connected (multi-span) houses. With the larger machines, this often means that treatment can be carried out from the door, without the operator having to enter the house.
Tornado's technical specification

Tornado™ - Technical Specification

Mister III's technical specification

Mister III™ - Technical Specification

Tornado - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
Mister III - Thermal Fog Equipment
Click the image to see the technical specification.
Automatic ULV
Nightstar's technical specification

Dyna-FogŪ NightStar™ - Technical Specification

Nightstar - ULV Cold Fog Equipment
  The Dyna-FogŪ NIGHTSTAR™ can treat areas up to 6000 mē without the operator being present in the house, and is the only machine of its type in the world that the user can change the droplet size produced so that the different types of chemical can be applied in the droplet size optimal for their performance.

Click the image to see the technical specification.
Click here to visit the NIGHTSTAR™ page.
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