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Falcon - Thermal Fog Equipment


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SuperHawk - Thermal Fog Equipment


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Golden Eagle - Thermal Fog Equipment


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BlackHawk Pro - Thermal Fog Equipment


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Silver Cloud - Thermal Fog Equipment

Silver Cloud™

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Model 1200 - Thermal Fog Equipment

Model 1200™

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The Patriot™

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Mister III - Thermal Fog Equipment

Mister III™

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Golden Eagle™

Golden Eagle - Thermal Fog Equipment
No other chemical applicator dispenses oil-based insecticides, fungicides, germicides, disinfectants, odor control and other chemical products as easily, effectively and economically.

No other aerosol generator enjoys such worldwide acclaim. Golden Eagle™, the portable powerhouse that excels on application problems where other machines fail: for those hard-toreach areas indoors or outdoors, and for the little as well as the large jobs such as mosquito control to combat malaria and dengue fever.
Model: 2610
Formulation Output: 0-34 L/hr, over 1600 m3 effective fog/min
Engine Performance: 30 Hp, or 22 KW , or 18,900 kcal / hr
Fuel Consumption: 0.5 GPH or 1.9 L / hr
Weight (Empty): 8.6 kg
Weight (Full): 12.2 kg
Fuel tank: 1.0 L
Formulation Tank: 4.2 L
Length: 132 cm
Width: 24.1 cm
Height: 36.8 cm
Fog Particle size: 0.5 - 50 microns
Shipping data: L x W x H 140 x 28 x 41 cm
Weight: 15.42 kg
Volume: 0.15 m3
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